Author = Karbalaee Dorei, Alireza
Synoptic and Thermodynamic Analysis of Thunder Storms in Plateau of Iran

Volume 10, Issue 3, September 2021, Pages 59-81


Seyed Asaad Hosseini; Ali Reza Karbalaee

Trend Analysis of Land surface temperature using Remote Sensing Data in Iran

Volume 10, Issue 2, July 2021, Pages 93-109


Ali Reza Karbalaee; Zahra Beygam Hejazizadeh; Seyed Abolfazl Masoodian; Mohammad Keikhosravi kiany

The Simulation of Climate Change in Semnan Province with Scenarios of Atmospheric General Circulation Model (Hadcm3)

Volume 4, Issue 3, January 2016, Pages 1-24


Zahra Hejazizadeh; Sayyed Mohammad Hosseini; Alireza Karbalaee Dorei