Author = Masoodian, Seyd Abolfazl
Trend Analysis of Land surface temperature using Remote Sensing Data in Iran

Volume 10, Issue 2, July 2021, Pages 93-109


Ali Reza Karbalaee; Zahra Beygam Hejazizadeh; Seyed Abolfazl Masoodian; Mohammad Keikhosravi kiany

A Trend Analysis of Area Suffering from Climate Changes in Iran During: 1960-2004

Volume 4, Issue 2, January 2016, Pages 21-34


Fateme Rayatpishe; Abolfazl Masoodian

Identification of Spatial Variations of Snow-covered days over Iran based on Remote Sensing Data

Volume 5, Issue 1, January 2016, Pages 69-86


Mohammad Sadegh Keikhosravi Kiany; SeyedAbolfazl Masoodian

Synoptic and dynamic analyses of most pervasive hot day in Iran during1964 to2009

Volume 2, Issue 3, January 2014


Hossein Asakereh; Seyd Abolfazl Masoodian; Hasan Shadman

Synoptic Anomalies Resulting in Pervasive Frosts in Iran

Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2012, Pages 17-34


Peyman Mahmoodi; mahmood khosravi; Seyed abolfazl Masoudian; Bohlul Alijani